Alias: Aqualad
Age: 21
Homeland: Atlantis
Designation:B02 (temporary Team leader)

Independent Kaldur RP account, set after the events of YJ Invasion.

Anonymous asked, "How is your relationship with the rest of the team, in particular those who knew you before you went under? Have you had a chance to talk with Conner and Megan about everything that's happened?"

-bites down on his lip- I have… sufficiently re-established most of my previous relationships with the Team members, yet I fear I cannot state they are all equivalent to the ones I maintained prior to my undercover mission. It would seem that as an Atlantean, Lagoon Boy has yet to accept my hostile actions as part of my mission - and I cannot blame him for it. 

Miss Martian has been most understanding about the situation. -smiles gratefully- She has witnessed the inside of my mind, and is perhaps better acquainted with the happenings than the rest of the Team. I believe she also spoke to Conner, as he does not seem to blame me for the actions that transpired. Yet he still holds Nightwing responsible for not speaking to them about it earlier.


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astrifurious asked, "Kaldur, I think you should go find your Royfriend right now and reunite and stuff."

I had attempted to contact him, yet… I fear I have not received a response thus far.

likeappletrees asked, "Honestly, you deserve some time off way more than Nightwing. You were leader for years, and you had the hardest time under deep cover. I'm sure the Team would understand if you would just slip away for some quiet time while Babs holds down the fort. Quiet time with Roy, perhaps...?"

I am most grateful for your concern, my friend. -offers a small smile- I cannot deny I would be glad for some time off, yet my duty to the Team remains my priority. My quiet time can wait.

astrifurious asked, "Do you miss your Royfriend???"

…I fear we had not yet had the chance to properly converse since I have returned to the surface. I… His presence has indeed… been missed.

rainbowsunflowers asked, "My sister just bought ice cream called Chocolate Fishes...."

That is most… curious. Perhaps Red Arrow was aware of that information when he procured this account for myself.

rockscanfly asked, "Heyah, cheekbones. Now that you're back, why the hell are you letting Dick put you back into the leadership position? You hated that job! Can't you just hand it over to Babs and take a vacation for once?"

The job is not one I would choose voluntarily, no. Yet I am willing to accept the responsibility if it proves necessary. I believe Nightwing is correct in his decision to resign his job under the circumstances, yet I fear Barbara is not yet ready to assume his position. It is a heavy burden to carry, one that Nightwing and myself are more adept to as of now.

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rockscanfly asked, "Hey fishsticks! You missed out on our appreciation week for you! What kind of hero skips out on his own tumblr parade? For shame! What've you been up to anyways?"

My apologies, I was not aware of such an event taking place. -offers a barely visible smile- I do not deem myself worthy of the honor, my friend, yet I am most… grateful to hear it.

I have been, until recently, engaged in a long-term mission of most utter importance. I would… prefer not to discuss this further, if you would permit it.

Anonymous asked, "have you ever thought of wearing an eyepatch?"

I do not believe it has occurred to me previously, no. Yet I do recall Artemis’ suggestion of a similar nature once the plan of myself joining forces with my Father first arose.

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